Time flies when you're having fun.

Or, when it's the holidays and you're super busy. The good news is, I did get all the holiday knitting done. A few weeks ago, we got hammered with snow up here, and even though my usual 20-30 minute ride home took nearly 3 hours, I didn't mind the extra time.

Got those dishcloths done! People in traffic alternately were concerned and got a chuckle out of my knitting. We'd sit motionless for 45 minutes at a time, sometimes, so what better way to pass the time? That's why us knitters always have a project on our person at all times. You never know when you'll find quality knitting time. I find it also makes me less impatient in situations like that.

And, sadly enough, this was the clearest picture of the snow-covered house I took. I had to dive out of the way a few times whilst people tried to get up our hill in their cars. Our driveway is at the exact point where a vehicle loses all momentum up a snow-covered street, spins out, and has to go back down, and find another way home.

Papa's socks were a hit, as was the Clap. The other gift I whipped up in record time was this market bag:

Pattern is Elisa's Nest Tote, made with Sugar N Cream/Peaches N Creme. Knit up super fast. It was a gift to my SIL, who left this week to spend a semester in Thailand, so she can bring it to the market when she goes shopping!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Now we can knit for ourselves, right?

God Bless Us, Every One.

What a day!! I've been preparing, in the past weeks, for the big Christmas dinner at our church. Not really a huge deal, except for the annual kids' play. What started out as "would you mind helping out?" turned into my directing and staging and running the whole show. A little bit stressful... but, all said and done, they did great. And now I'm at home, having a tasty adult beverage, and watching the recaps of the Patriots game (that I had to miss.. grrr.), and enjoying the sound of kids not asking me questions every five seconds. (Sidenote - Meg, the armwarmers you made me were officially dubbed "wicked cool" by the kiddos.)

Got a lot of knitting done this weekend, I just need to finish off the toe of the second sock of Papa's socks and a crank out a few more dishcloths and my holiday knitting is done. I even found time yesterday to get out to the barn, take a few of the horses out, and manage to completely annoy the baby...

She's too laid back for her own good..

PRGE swag!

Lookee what I got in the mail today! (The mailman referred to it as fanmail..)

VERY yummy stuff here. The ecru is 3 skeins of Eden, by Madil, 100% bamboo, and amazingly soft.. I think I'm going to have to make cable-y socks out of that. Kneesocks. Something like clessidra...? And, there's a funny pair of socks in there too.. with horses all over em. Wicked cute!

This, my dears, is Malabrigo Worsted. In my favorite color. And what makes it extra special? It's the first Malabrigo I've ever had. I keep huffing it. I don't know if I can make anything out of it. Unless I can huff the FO. I suppose I could.

And these are some kickass fingerless mitts that Megan knit just for me!! I love the braided cable. And the colors. And the way they smell. Seriously, I don't know if it's how your house smells, or if you washed them, or what. But they smell nice.

And there even was a treat for the felines! Ok, it's the empty box, but seriously. They love that stuff.

Thanks so much, Megan! I know you've been wicked busy. I appreciate all my goodies! (And that you actually made me something... with all your spare time. Ha!)

I'm in trouble now.

Every time I go to Michael's, AC Moore, JoAnns, and the like, I always grab a couple balls of dishcloth cotton. Around here, everyone seems to have Sugar n Cream. No Peaches & Creme. (Can you tell I read and reread the Mason-Dixon knitting book?) I had to go to the tack shop to pick up some de-wormer and a new halter for Siouxsie. Her head's too big for the one she's squeezing into now. I get to the tack shop at 9:45, thinking that they opened at 9AM. They don't open until 10AM. So, back down the street to Wal-Mart I go, to kill time. Now, I am not a fan of Wal-Mart. If I'm going to the big store that has everything kinda place, I'm a Target girl. But I digress. I wander into the craft section, a department that the Wal-Mart closer to home lacks. I figure, at the least, I can see if they have any dishcloth cotton. And they do! And it's Peaches & Creme. Ooh, I think, exotic... they had some colors I preferred over the S'n'C, so I grab a couple of skeins. And then I look down, past the crochet cotton and see...


I have never seen cones of this stuff, from either brand. I knew they existed, I've had my eye on the Absorba Bathmat pattern for a while, but never could seem to find cones, and I didn't want to buy a hundred balls of the stuff. I did not purchase any cones, however. I couldn't remember how many I needed for the bathmat, but I left with 4 balls of cotton and 2 skeins of Caron Simply Soft, just because.

But be on guard, cones... I'm coming back for you...

Sheep!! OK, well, lamb.

Could you die? Seriously.


If one sock of a pair counts as something being finished, then I have a FO! One of Papa's Christmas socks are done. And I'm on vacation this week, so hopefully the second will follow right along. I did cast it on just now, and I plan on getting a head start on knitting it while watching the Patriots game this evening. It's going to be a busy month! I am active in my church's choir, and the Christmas season is especially busy if you're a singer. On top of that, I'm directing the kid's Christmas pageant/play, which will be performed on Sunday, Dec 9th. I'm also hoping to crank out a few dishcloths to add to some gifts for the family. I also scored two hanks of Koigu from a person on Ravelry who was destashing, in a purple/red/orange colorway. I have never knit with Koigu before, nor have I ever seen it in person (neither of my LYSs seem to carry it). It looks gorgeous! I tend to prefer sock yarn with a nice tight twist, and this stuff looks perfect. I have too many pairs of socks that I want to make after the holidays, and this stuff just added to the sock queue. The Blackberry shrug is moving along, too. on #13 needles, it had better! I haven't been knitting on it in order to get more holiday knitting time in, but I couldn't very well knit the socks for Papa right in front of him on Thanksgiving, so I brought my Blackberry sleeves with me. Finished sleeve #1 and got started on sleeve #2 after we were thoroughly stuffed. I might actually get to wear it while it's still cold out! (and believe you me, it's cold around here.. it never got above freezing yesterday!)

On a sidenote, has anyone out there ever done any poking around on Ancestry.com? DH was doing some research on and off during his breaks at work, and he was able to trace his family back to King Richard the Lionheart and Charlemagne! I couldn't seem to get anything interesting on my side of the family, until I sat down with my grandmother on Thursday. We got info far enough back to have relatives on the Mayflower. But then, I got a line of Scottish descendants to pop up, and I freaked out!! I am a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce!! It's just neat to find out stuff like that. It took about 6 or 7 generations back from me before the website's database could kick in and fill in the tree back that far. We also have been told for years that somewhere in my grandmother's ancestors is a relation to Rebecca Nurse, one of the accused and executed "witches" of the Salem Witch Trials. I have yet to dig up that connection, but I did get some ancestors in that area at that time, so I just need to keep on looking!

Hope you all had a great holiday!! 30 knitting days till Christmas...

OK, one more baseball post.

Out of sheer excitement that Mike Lowell has been re-signed by the Red Sox (yay!!), I give you, from Papel-blog:

... But now it's very important that we all join a new club:


It stands for: Normally Hyperbolic, Critical and Pessimistic Red Sox Fans Who Promise Not to Boo if Mike Lowell Hits .218 in 2010.

I mean, we get to look at *this* for three more years.

Amen, I say.


So, I joined the Secret of the Stole KAL. I had the yarn, I bought the beads, I got to work. I'm learning that I love to knit lace. Love it!. But.. I don't think I'm in love with the pattern anymore... I'm almost at the end of clue #3. Clue #7 has been issued as of yesterday. So, I'm pretty far behind. Behind enough to see that although the patter is lovely, it's really not something I'd wear. Nor would anyone else I would give it to.

I think I need to frog it. Ack!

I'm not even a whole ball of yarn into the darn thing. I just feel like I've wasted time. Like, I have to finish it because I started it. Oy. I'm bummed! Looking at the other mystery stoles on Ravelry, I loved how they turned out, but this one's just not my style. I guess that's what you get for knitting a project like this. Grr. Well, I've got 1200 yards of this stuff, and plenty of beads to match. Off to find a new pattern, I think.

Not singin' in the rain tonight...

Thursday nights are choir rehearsal nights. But, I have a splitting headache, and a night of knitting on the couch is much more appealing to me than screeching out soprano notes for two hours. So, hopefully some more progress on Papa's socks will be had - I've turned the heel and am doing gusset decreases on sock #1. It goes pretty fast when I sit down to DO IT. The stole is coming along as well, just slow. I think hint #7 comes out tomorrow, and I'm still on hint #3. But, it will get done. I like lace knitting too much...

I spent the day on Saturday at the Equine Affaire, a HUGE horse expo that was in Springfield, MA. They had vendors for everything and anything horse and farm related, seminars (we sat through 5 hours worth!!), breed association booths with stalls next to the booth so you could meet the breeds, and a barn full of horses on display and for sale. ( for anyone who might care, there's a medicine hat paint stallion named Kenny Rogers, who is super famous, and who Siouxsie looks like, and he was there!! Gorgeous horse, lemme tell you. And his owner was there, a sweet older woman, who said that there's something special about the medicine hats.. she said I'd never regret owning Siouxsie. Made me feel good!) I somehow managed to walk away without buying anything but my lunch. BUT... in the breed barn, there was a woman sitting outside her horse's stall, quietly spinning undyed wool on a drop spindle. When I finally got over to her to talk to her about it, she was gone, but there were a few hanks of handspun alpaca sitting next to where she had been, with a sale sign. I waited for her for a few minutes, but she never came back. I wanted to buy it!! Oh well, I'll just have to plan better for next year and get my butt to Rhinebeck.


Even though I'm dreadfully behind on the Secret of the Stole project, I am happy with how it's turning out...

I have definitely been bitten by the lace bug now. I have a few lace projects in my Ravelry queue that I'm itching to start... It's just magic. I can't wait to finish and block it!

Sleeve #1 of Blackberry, almost done. This is a super quick knit, if only I could sit and do it. I love the Rowan yarn, I love the pattern, and I'm hoping I can get Papa's socks done fast enough so I can get cracking on it and finish before spring arrives. Speaking of Papa's socks...

I ripped out the first pattern I was using, and started over. I'm using Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's basic sock recipe from Knitting Rules, and using the rib pattern from Thuja. It's a good, quick, super easy pattern, and I now feel I can get it done in time, AND maybe get some other stuff done too. Yarn is Trekking XXL. It's okay. Kinda splitty, but knits up into a nice fabric.

Anyone see the new Knitty extra patterns yet? I love them!! I really want to make Oblique...

Men in kilts = good.

Especially if you're this guy.

I promise, no more baseball posts. Until Spring Training anyway...

Brittany, I do love thee.

I got my replacement needles from Brittany today! I had emailed them and told them that I had broken one, and a few days later, they responded and said that they would send a few, that the smaller gauge needles can be fragile. I got a cardboard tube in the mail with three replacement needles! They rock.

So, in light of having the needle situation squared away.. I think I'm frogging my dad's socks and starting over. I knit a bit during the baseball game last night, and didn't get very far. The pattern has a twisted stitch rib, which takes a little extra time, and I feel like I knit for hours and only got an inch done. Plus, I'm using Trekking XL, and it's a little splitty. So, after talking it over with myself, I think I'm going to frog what I've done, and do a simple rib pattern instead. I can get it done quicker, and hopefully Papa will like a more simple sock.

How Sweet It Is...

Now I can actually go to bed at a decent hour this week. :)

World Series of the Stole... ?

The boys, they done good...

I'm catching up on the progress on my Secret of the Stole... Clue #4 came out last Friday, and I'm just starting clue #3. Not too far behind. It's hard to knit lace and try to keep up with the baseball game.. I made a few errors, but either found them and corrected it easily, or just kept going, nobody's going to notice. (Not even me.. I was looking back to where I had forgotten a YO, and I couldn't find it.)

So, going to get back to the stole.. we're halfway through the first inning..



Item #1 - The Clap is done!! Finished it on Saturday morning. Feels good to finish something. I'll post pics when I can get some good light.

Item #2 - Sunne, we're coming for ya!

Mr. Papelbon, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Pray for us.

You know it's a bad night when: You're at choir rehearsal, and the Red Sox game is on. You ask your DH to text message you and give you score updates until you can get home... and the first message says that the cable is out. ACK! Luckily, it got fixed, and I made it home by the 4th or 5th inning. I found the following snippet on the "Red Sox Nation" message board on Ravelry:

Our Father, who art at Fenway...

Baseball be thy game.

Thy Nation come,

Playoffs need to be won,

On Earth, then on to the Cask 'n' Flagon.

Give us this day, a perfect Papi,

And forgive us our losses,

As we forgive those,

Like Bill Buckner.

And lead us not, into desperation

But deliver us from any losses.

For thine is the Power,

And the Glory,

To beat the Indians,

Forever and ever....the Yankees suck


Play Ball!

Yessir. I'm ready for tonight's game. This knitting free post has been brought to you by not being home one night this week.. If I could sit and knit for a few hours I'd be done with the Clap.. My other problem is that Ravelry distracts me. Knitting the Secret of the Stole has sorta got me on a lace kick, and I spend hours searching for lace shawl patterns. There's a few now that I have to make. I also found linen yarn that the girls at Mason-Dixon use in their book for some pretty handtowels. A great Christmas gift idea, we'll see if I have time..


What a week! The job's been crazy busy! And, as I've said before, if it weren't for that stupid job, I'd have plenty more time to knit. Updates!

The clap should be done soon. All I have left is the decrease sections. 4 balls down, one to go. It's a Christmas present, so I don't really have to start freaking out yet, but I'm a slow knitter, and I want to make sure I finish my gifts on time. Which brings me to the next item:

Papa's Christmas socks. Growing up, anytime my father got a gift, he'd shake/squeeze the package, exclaim "Oh boy, SOCKS!" and open it. This year, he'll open it, and it WILL be socks. Ha! (But it takes me two months to make socks for myself, let alone man-sized socks. THIS one, freaks me out.) I can, and I will do it. Made with Trekking XXL, on the lovely new Brittany needles - did I mention that they're 2.5mm needles? Yah. AND... after the two rows I did manage to knit, one of my needles started to break. like, splitting down the middle. My fault, I tend to clench my needles. So, a little super glue, and I think we'll be okay.

And the Secret of the stole. I'm loving how it's knitting up. The color, the beads, the pattern, everything. AND, I'm actually still kinda on track. I'm about 4 rows shy of finishing Hint #1, and Hint #2 came out yesterday. But seriously, I really have no reason to be doing this to myself, with trying to get holiday knitting over with. I have to crank out a bunch of dishrags for the family, and I'd like to make a couple of the linen towels out of Mason-Dixon knitting for a few of my friends and family as well as myself. So, I'm off to finish off the Hint #1 before going to the barn to see the kiddo.

She's getting so big...

Holy Crap.

This has to be one of the most ridiculous swap packages I have ever received. Seriously. Look at the goodies!

And here's the part where I try to list it all.. First, the edibles. Sin mints, a hunka fudge, and two packages of pop rocks (funny, my pal got pop rocks from me...). Then, the FrankenBerry lip balm (woot!), a skull and a revolver patch, two skull bracelets, 2 CDs, and, the piece de resistance, the Clap. Yes, my pal gave me the clap. It's actually a stuffed representation of the gonorrhea microbe. I work in a science lab. You have NO IDEA how well this will go over at the office tomorrow. And, in the box, is my very own horsie bobblehead.

And for the knitting content? A ball of hemp yarn, a hank of alpaca lace handpainted from Boll Weaver yarns (gorgeous colors!), and a hank of handpainted mohair blend from Brown sheep. And a set of Brittany DPNs. And a dinosaur measuring tape. AND a little skull case. And IN the skull case?

Oh yeah, Pegasus stitch markers. (EDIT - they are "Winged Pony" stitch markers.. not pegasus. See comments for info.)

And who sent me all this loot? Meg(aphone), of Till Death Do I Knit. Who apologized profusely for her package being late. Lemme tell ya, sistah, it was worth the wait.

Secret of the Stole

So, I swatched for the SOS upcoming KAL, and here's what I got:

The top is all wonky. Because I bound off too tight, and when I tried to redo it, I think I dropped some stitches, and effed it all up. BUT... I like the yarn, and the way it knits up. I do not like the additionally wonky way that the camera seemed to get the picture - the yarn is a bit darker green than the pic shows.. So, here's the burning question: What color beads to go with? On the left side, we have shiny silver. On the right, bottom, shiny green, and one row above it, matte white with a teeny bit of iridescent finish on it. I kinda like the way the green blends in with the color of the yarn (trust me, it does), and just adds a hint of sparkle. I'm thinking maybe that the white will visually disrupt the lace pattern, though. And the silver's nice, but will it be too glitzy against the dark green? (the pattern did call for earthy, muted colors for the yarn...) Should I go down a bead size? These are size 8, maybe I should get some size 6.. What do you guys think?

I have a hole in my head.

That is the ONLY thing that can explain why I signed up for the "Secret of the Stole" KAL. I had bought 3 hanks of KnitPicks' Shadow, in a greeny heather (the colorway name eludes me at the moment), to make a shawl, but this one sounds much better than the one I got the pattern for. BUT, I'm cranking away on the Clap, to make sure that I can get it done before I dive into this stole, and to free up my Addi Lace needles for the project. Oh, and there's beads involved, too. Yipes. Learning, learning. It will be a good thing. I hope.

And thanks to all you guys who commented on the new 'do. Everyone I come across looks at me in shock, and then says how much they love it. So, as much as I miss my blonde, I'm really liking the switch. And, if I get sick of it, I can always go bleach the crap out of it again. It's only hair, after all...
This has been my hair for the past 8 years or so:

Blonde, long, oh, and blonde. I was a towhead as a kid. Platinum naturally. And as I got older, and my blonde gradually turned into a blah dirty blonde, I started highlighting. And it was never blonde enough, so we went with bleach. Yeah, that's the blonde I like. Had it this light or a looong time. So, I go in for a haircut yesterday, and my hairdresser, J, suggests that I tone it down a bit for fall, give it a break from the bleach. Good idea, I figure. And, it needed a good healthy trim too. Took off a couple of inches and cut in some textured layers. I've never been one to turn down a good hair-choppin. I like the fact that if it sucks, it's just hair, and it can be fixed. But this round, well, the cut isn't as drastic as some I've done (I went from shoulder-length hair to a pixie cut once - it kicked butt!), but the color, well..

It's the darkest it's ever been. And at first, I freaked. Not enough to make J redo the color, but when I was told we were going to a darker blonde, this isn't what I had in mind. But after living with it for a day, well, it's growing on me..

I promise, knitting content next post. :)
Busy week. I worked WAAAAAY too many hours last week, and just when relief from work was in sight, I had to pick up my 4-year old nephew to watch him for the weekend while my SIL was out of town. (What about my brother, you ask? Don't go there. Not gonna watch a kid for a whole weekend, nosir.) So, me and the kid. My DH was out of town with my dad golfing, so it was just the two of us. I got to play soccer mom. TWICE. As much fun as it was, I'm glad he's not here any more. You moms out there, hats off to ya. I know there's a reason why kids start out as cute portable little infants and not 4 year olds, but still. I don't know if I'm ready do take on that job just yet.

But, whilst the kiddo was sleeping, I got quite a bit of knitting done on the Blackberry sweater. Back and fronts are done, sleeves have begun. It's on 13's, so it's kinda nice to have things done so quickly. The DH's sweater from hell is officially finished, seamed, ends woven, and all. He wore it around the house last night (because it's freezing up here now...) and really liked it. One of these days, I'll talk him into posing for some pics. Other than that, the other projects are plodding along.

So, I've been lurking on the blogs a lot, but no comments, and no posts here, solely because time is a little hard to come by these days. But, rest assured, I'm still stalking you all... and planning my PRGE swap package... mwahahaha.. I'm still revved up for this one. :)

State of the union...

I wish I had more interesting things to blog about, but alas, I do not. Things at the ol homestead are same old, same old.. the aforementioned projects are still cruising along, with the addition of a pair of socks done in Wick. Just got the toe done tonight, and I'm really liking the fabric that this yarn makes. It's spongy and cushy and has the potential for a nice thick pair of socks. The clap kinda got tossed aside for more progress on Blackberry, which is kinda boring, but I'm only doing the stockinette parts on the body, the fun should start on the sleeve cables.

I'm also really getting into Ravelry. Spending some time checking stuff out. It's nice how you can look up stuff that other people are making with the yarn that you seem to have a ludicrous amount of in your stash, but no idea what to do with it.. and although I spend too much time on there, I feel like my knitting projects are better organized and documented than they ever were. I might need to spend some time loading up pics of finished stuff. I also enjoy stalking "famous" knitters, designers, and the like, and peeking in on what they're doing. It's just cool.

I'm also psyched about starting another round of the Punk Rock Gift Exchange! I have so many cool ideas for my pal, and there's nothing better than getting a package full of goodies in the mail. Even when it's not your birthday. I think this round's going to kick butt. The other rounds were nothing short of fantastic, so I'm giddy with anticipation for this go-round.

And for those who might be looking for a horsie update, Little Siouxsie Chik is doing fabulous. She was weaned from mom last weekend, and is being a big girl all by herself. She spends her days hanging out with her new buddy Luna, who is a sweet old mare who likes taking care of little kids. AND, we had our first bath today. Well, not so much a bath, but a spongeing. It's a start. She's been so calm and good about everything thus far, I hope she's going to be a good girl for training. But that's still a ways down the road...
I have to tell you... Ravelry will suck my life away if I don't pry myself away from it every so often...

Not too much on the knitting front here, though. Still not completely done with seaming together DH's sweater, and I still will have to knit the collar when I'm done with that part.

The Jaywalkers are done, though!

I still had yet to Kitchener the toe of sock #2 at the time these photos were taken, please rest assured that this has, in fact, been done.

The critters love to hang out on the front porch when I'm out there...

And I do have a few drop stitch sections done on the Clap, making progress...

I'm in!

I'm on Ravelry... Oh Em Gee. This is good stuff.

I'm Stellify, if you may be looking for me.


I'm gonna need an ocean... of Calamine lotion...

Sooo close... I'm freaking out!!

# You are #10335 on the list.
# 148 people are ahead of you in line.
# 18265 people are behind you in line.

148!!! I can't stand it. I can't wait any longer. Seriously.

In finishing news, the sweater is getting there two side seams and one sleeve seam to go, and finishing the neck. The Jaywalkers are done as well, the toe just needs to be Kitchenered. It just feels good to finish some stuff around here. (Pictures to come soon..) And I've decided that Cozy needs to go live in the yarn bin for a while. I can't seem to knit on that without screwing it up and ripping it out. Which means... Clapotis is the only thing on the needles at the moment. So, I cast on for Blackberry earlier this evening. I figure, big yarn, #13 needles, it should be a quick knit. I think I'm going to take a break from socks for a bit as well, so I'm trying to figure out what to do for a little portable project.. maybe I'll drag the Clap around with me, just to get it done. But just two projects on the needles? Come on... Maybe I'll crank out some socks with my stash of Wick yarn.. gotta do dome swatching to figure out what to do there...

There is a problem though. I'd have all this stuff done if it weren't for the recent outcropping of Poison Ivy on my hands. Both of them. Mostly between my index and middle fingers on both hands. I went camping overnight last weekend, and I mist have grabbed a tainted piece of firewood. The kicker? I'm not allergic to Poison Ivy. At least, I never have had a reaction before. My father catches it standing downwind from a poison ivy plant, so I begged him for some advice.. and he gave me his super duper steroid cream. Hopefully, I'll be on the road to recovery soon, and get some more stuff done!

1,000 Words...


PRGE questions..

I'll try to answer these differently than last time...

1. Why are you punk?

I like loud rock music. And knitting to loud rock music. Oy.

2. What are your five favorite things? (these don't have to be knit related)

Books/Movies that make my brain hurt, autumn (colors, weather, apple pie..), anything with 4 legs and fur, coffee, and scarves (see favorite thing #2).

3. What are your three favorite things that you have made with knitting/crochet?

Fetching, Clapotis, and Hedera. (hooray for Knitty!)

4. What five things would you love to see in a swap box someday?

Yarn local to my pal's region, yarn I may have not seen or tried before, patterns to go with the yarn, neato notions, stuff that stinks good (soap, lotion, candles, etc...)

5. What are your three favorite yarns? What are your three least favorite yarns?

Favorites - Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, Rowan Calmer (haven't knitted it yet, I just pet the ball of it.. it's in the queue...), and Tofutsies sock yarn

Least Favorites - Lion Brand Homespun, LB Suede, and anything that resembles fun fur.

6. What are your five favorite delicacies?

Sushi, Rare Steak, Godiva truffles, Lobster, and anything involving bacon. I heart bacon.

7. What are your three favorite guilty pleasures?

icanhascheezburger.com, bags/purses, and skincare stuff.. I'm constantly getting new goop for my face..

8. What are the five things you look forward to every week?

knitting at the coffeehouse, spending time with my horse, Saturday naptime, Baseball, and Friday nights - Live music @ Ralph's Diner.

9. What do you collect?

Other than yarn? Horsie things, anything with cherries on it, and yarn/knitting bags...

10. When is your birthday?

September 3rd.

11. Do you have any wishlists?

I have one on Amazon... lemme know if you want to see it. :)

12. What would you like your pal to know that is not covered here?

No pink. Seriously. I'm a purple girl.. I recently withdrew from Secret Pal 11 because I wanted to be a part of this swap instead. I think this is usually an awesome group of folks, and I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you better!

Ends.. or lack thereof...

Getting warmer...

# You are #10335 on the list.
# 1306 people are ahead of you in line.
# 15577 people are behind you in line.

I'm getting antsy. I want in!!

In other news, I've been spending my evenings at the local coffee house, sitting out on the porch with my knitting and a cuppa joe. The weather has been glorious this week! It was so hot and humid the weeks previous, I couldn't be bothered to hold anything made of wool.. I've been making slow progress, almost done with the jaywalkers (I told you I was the slowest knitter alive!), got a few drop stitches in on the Clapotis, another couple of pattern repeats on the Cozy as well. I just put in an order on KnitPicks, getting in at the last minute on their book sale, and bought enough yarn to make a cute hoodie sweater out of one of my books.. darned if I can remember which one. I just seem to have a lot of projects in the queue, but I can't seem to get anything done, and I just can't exceed the number of projects currently on the needles for some reason. Cozy may kill me. Seriously, it's a simple pattern, but I screw it up constantly. Rip back to the lifeline, start over. Grrr. I'm trying like hell to get through the Jaywalkers, so I can start a new pair of socks. Can't start my chunky cable sweater until TC's sweater is done. One sweater at a time. One pair of socks at a time. The Clap goes quick, though, so that should be done sooner rather than later, and then I can cast on for something else. Man, I just wish I didn't have a full-time (and then some!) job, and half of my free time during the week is spent at the barn as well.

I am looking into a huge career shift though, one that will take some time, and depends on TC getting a new job.. for which he has already interviewed. Hopefully, we'll know next week. If all goes well, that should send the wheels into motion. I'm looking into leaving the corporate rat race, and heading into education.. and in the meantime, I'm working on knitting more efficiently (aka faster!faster!!)

I also took back my request for Secret Pal 11... too much to think about. I can only do one swap at a time, and PRGE seems to be more fun to me. SP11 is just too big. Maybe on a different round.

Hope all your knitting is flying off the needles! Stay cool!

Just when you thought it was over...

More babies!!!

This little filly was born on August 1. The first baby of my friend's stallion. Is she not to die for? The ears. It's all about the ears. I just want to nibble them. Arabians occasionally get little pointy ears like this, where they turn in towards each other. Seriously, folks. Can you get any more adorable?

So now, the push for the naming is on, because now "baby" can mean two different critters. The previous clue I dropped didn't seem to jog anyone's memory, so I shall explain. There's a microbrewery in Burlington, VT, called Magic Hat. They make my favorite beers. All of them. So, I was considering registering my little one as "Chick's Magic Hat" (magic hat = medicine hat.. see where I'm going?), and we'd call her "Jinx", after their fantastic fall seasonal brew. The only snag is that the current owner knew a person named Jinx, and they weren't nice. So, a little bad juju there.

I've decided on three registered names with nicknames, that I plan on giving her current owner this week, and hopefully she'll pick one. So, that one is in, along with "Chick's Ghost Dancer" (these horses were referred to as the ghost horses of the plains.. I thought it was fitting), and call her Dancer, or something totally unrelated if we decide than dancer is too reindeer-ish... And the third, "Chick's Siouxsie Q". Sioux Indians were one of the tribes that honored the medicine hat, Siouxsie (and the Banshees - rock!!), and Siouxsie Q just has a cute ring to it.

I think the black eyeliner says it all.

Ravelry, I heart you.

So, I am still waiting for my invite to Ravelry, but I'm getting close...

# You are #10335 on the list.
# 2702 people are ahead of you in line.
# 12047 people are behind you in line.

Now, to be honest, I just put in for an invite because it sounds like it's going to be a really awesome site. But just now, I spent some time going through the screenshots and previews and... oh my god. Seriously. The needle inventory page. I have no idea what I have or don't have as far as needles are concerned.

I need to go get some chocolate, maybe a glass of wine, and drool over the few pages of screenshots...

Here's a hint...

Is there anybody outside of New England that recognizes this?

Because if you do, I've just given the whole name away... almost..

PRGE goodies and miscellany..

I got my package from Shannon this evening!

I don't recall saying that my fave color is purple.. love the wrapping. The buttons say "Knit Happens" and "Free to Stitch Free To Bitch"...And lookee! I have here: A kit for a cute lil felted horse (how'd you guess I liked the ponies? ha..), two bars of super duper smelling soaps from The Alchemic Dragon, a bar of dark chocolate (my fave again..), and...

Stitch markers that look suspiciously Sunne-made... Love em!

I got a bunch knitted on my Jaywalkers tonight.. I know, I started them ages ago. I'm a slow knitter. That, and I spent the weekend knitting the sleeves of TC's sweater. The neverending sweater. There's a nice little cafe the opened up recently near my house, with tables and umbrellas out front, so on a nice warm day (aka hot and humid), it's nice to sit out with my knitting and an iced coffee and watch the world go by. I actually get more done than if I was at home. And when I wasn't knitting, I was playing with this:

She's getting so big now... She's only a few inches shorter than mom. And she looooves to run around the pasture. She's really starting to look grown up now. Oh, and we've almost decided on a name. Can't give it away yet, not till it's official. I don't want to jinx it...

Now I've done it.

I just signed up for Secret Pal 11. I've only recently done swaps on PRGE, the last two rounds, this one still going..

Daunting. Should be fun, tho, doing a swap on such a large scale..

Back to reality..

How hard was it to come home from a tropical paradise?? Oy. The trip was wonderful. Bermuda is one of the most interesting places I've ever visited. The whole place was just unique. Very British, with an island flair. That, and the businessmen walking around in their shirts and ties, and Bermuda shorts and kneesocks, getting on their scooters to take lunch... it was great.

This is the only knitting you'll see from me. It was an interesting drive down to NJ to catch the boat (my father drove, and rather than watch ANY of the road, I knit in the backseat). My first Jaywalker was finished, and I had just cast on #2 and got going when we arrived at the ship terminal. The only other knitting was on the way home, I worked on Cozy most of that drive.

People in Bermuda have Hibiscus HEDGES. Everywhere. This one was my favorite variety. Hibiscus, Oleander, everywhere you looked. And they were fragrant. Everywhere you went, you could smell the flowers.

This is Elbow Beach, on the southern shore of the island. It was a 45 minute bus ride from the ship, and then another 3/4 mile walk down a long downhill path (The whole time knowing we'd have to hike back UP it on our way home...), but once you were there, it was all worth it. Warm water, good surf to swim around in, and powder fine sand. Unfortunately, this wasn't one of the pink sand beaches. But still. Just a beautiful day.

This is the smallest drawbridge ever. See the wood? That's all of it. I think the bus driver said it was 22 inches across. Just big enough to pilot a sailboat through and have the mast of the boat get through the bridge.

And there's me, reading some Chuck, catching some rays on the pool deck. This is the only picture I have of either me or TC from the whole trip. We're just not picture-taking folks. I got more pics of flowers and street signs and things like that than I did of people.
So, got home home just in time for a yarn sale at my LYS. All summer yarns were 30% off. NICE. I'd been looking for yarn to make my Mom a Clapotis, and I think I found what I was looking for. I got a bunch of Filatura Di Crosa Brilla, and started on the Clapotis this morning. The other stuff is Wick, by Knit One Crochet Too. That may be a Clap as well, they didn't have as much of it as they had of the Brilla, but the Brilla is knitting up a little stiff (It's cotton/viscose). I'm hoping it'll soften as I work with it.

I also got a couple of balls of Rowan Calmer. I've never worked with it before, but it looks and feels really nice. I got a greyish-sagey green, and will probably knit a Shedir with it to start. The previously started Shedir has been frogged.. I figure it'll turn out better with the appropriate yarn. One less UFO to look at, anyway..

TC and I went to see Order of the Phoenix last night. I kind of had high expectations for the movie, as the book was by far my favorite in the series. The movie was great, but I feel that there was a lot cut out of it that shouldn't have been. I wanted to see Prof. McGonagall throw down. We got the book as well, TC's got first dibs on it, so I'll have to wait a bit till he's done reading to dive in. Which is fine for me, I don't want it to all be over just yet. :)

AAh, back to the daily grind... maybe I'll sit out in the sun for today, and delay returning to the real world for one more day..

Bon Voyage...

So, I'm almost all packed up and ready to hit the high seas! Seriously, tomorrow can't come fast enough. Camera batteries are charged and ready, iPods are sync-ed and ready to roll, and I packed way too many pairs of shoes. As usual. It's a five day cruise, and I've got, like, 7 pairs of shoes. Well, at least I won't be wishing I had brought more..

Going to bring a little knitting along. The Jaywalkers are halfway done, so I'm thinking I'll take that and finish up the other sock, and bring along Cozy as well. Or maybe Shedir. It's smaller. I was going to start a new pair of socks, but I know I won't finish them, and then I'll have two pairs of unfinished socks. I like to have a few projects on the needles, but I usually like only one per genre, so to speak. One sock project. One lace project. One have-to-concentrate-really-hard project.

So, I'm off. I'm going to finish getting things in order and head to bed. We're leaving town by 7AM so we can get to the cruise port around lunchtime (MA to Newark...) and get on board and start the pina colada sampling. See you in a week!
Aah, summer reading.. (would have been the title, but blogger won't let me type it. grr.)

Ransacked Barnes and Noble yesterday, and got me some books for the upcoming vacation.

This one was the one that I was intending to bring home. Rant, by Chuck Palahniuk. Author of Fight Club, amongst others. Currently one of my faves. I enjoy disturbing novels, and this guy knows what I like to read, evidently. He hits the spot every time. Excerpt from Publishers Weekly:
Buster Casey, destined to live fast, die young and murder as many people as he can, is the rotten seed at the core of Palahniuk's comically nasty eighth novel (after Haunted; Lullaby; Diary; etc.). Set in a future where urbanites are segregated by strict curfews into Daytimers and Nighttimers, the narrative unfolds as an oral history comprising contradictory accounts from people who knew Buster.


This one was a bonus. Chuck again, this time, Stranger Than Fiction. From Amazon.com:

Chuck Palahniuk’s world has always been, well, different from yours and mine. In his first collection of nonfiction, Chuck Palahniuk brings us into this world, and gives us a glimpse of what inspires his fiction.

At the Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival in Missoula, Montana, average people perform public sex acts on an outdoor stage. In a mansion once occupied by The Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson reads his own Tarot cards and talks sweetly to his beautiful actress girlfriend. Across the country, men build their own full-size castles and rocketships that will send them into space. Palahniuk himself experiments with steroids, works on an assembly line by day and as a hospice volunteer by night, and experiences the brutal murder of his father by a white supremacist. With this new direction, Chuck Palahniuk has proven he can do anything.

Aah, Chuck. How do I love thee? This one was on the "Buy two, get one free" table, and never one to turn down free anything, I had to pick two more.

Devil in the Details, by Jennifer Traig.
From Publishers Weekly:
In this 1970s memoir, Traig describes how, from the age of 12 until her freshman year at Brandeis, she suffered from various forms of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), including anorexia and a rarer, "hyper-religious form" of OCD called scrupulosity, in which sanctified rituals such as hand washing and daily prayer are repeated in endless loops.

I love memoirs about people with screwy upbringings (a la "Running with Scissors" or "Me Talk Pretty One Day") and this sounds like it's right up my alley. When you flip open the book, and there's a list of "Diseases I have Self-Diagnosed", and it lists every major disease known to man, I'm hooked.

While You're Here, Doc, by Bradford B. Brown, DVM. From Amazon.com:
Tales of animal doctoring in a small coastal town in 1950s Maine fill this new addition to the ranks of veterinary memoirs. Since he charged his clients by the miles that he had to drive to deliver his services, Brown often heard the "while you're here, Doc" line as farmers would add on "just one more" patient once the veterinarian had showed up. Whether chasing a stallion through a blizzard so his torn ear could be stitched--surgery done on the floor of the general store whose plate glass window the stallion had crashed through--or checking the sore tooth of a pet monkey after a merry chase in and out of the house (not to mention all the bite wounds), Brown pretty much saw it all in his years in practice. Full of laconic farmers, hysterical owners, and more feisty animal patients than one can imagine, these stories of backwoods veterinary care are sure to be popular...

That's the Pre-Vet major in me coming out. It just sounds interesting. I like the critters, what can I say?

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