My Punk Rock Gift Exchange Pal Kicks Ass.

After a long day at work, and a long night of choral reharsal, I came home to this!!

A fantabulous cherry print tote, just the right size for a small knitting project (or my lunch), with a couple of punk plaid buttons on it. And inside.. oh my. Not one, but TWO boxes of chocolate (yum!), a hank of Araucania Yarns Patagonia Cotton - This is the softest cotton I have felt! And it's hand dyed and nubbly and I love it. And I got a cool pen and notepad, some Burt's Bees lip balm, some fancy looking soaps (I can almost translate the french on the package), a green tea candle, and a tin of hand salve that I've already dipped into. I had to take the picture the second I opened the box because I was positive I wouldn't have everything all in one place again after that. (and I apologize for the grainy pics - it's the best I can do at night...)

You rock, pal!!! Thanks for makin my night!

Sew What!

I got a sewing machine when I was in High School. It was a birthday gift from my mother, who was quite a seamstress herself. I remember every year as a little kid, going to the fabric store and picking out a pattern and fabric for my Easter dress. One year, she even made a matching dress for my doll. When I took sewing in Home Ec, I found that I LOVED to sew. So, she bought me a machine, seeing that I was going to use it. And after loving that thing and making stuff on it through high school, it got put back in the box, and there it sat for years.
My nephew is going to turn 4 in a month or so. I started a quilt for him before he was born... and never finished it. I kept having problems with my bobbin jamming. The main thread would just keep winding around and around the bobbin, and never come back up and finish the stitch. I suffered through the piecework of the quilt top, and packed it in.

Until today.

I busted out the ol Singer this morning. (I'm taking a few days off of work just to use up vacation time, so I needed projects other than cleaning my house..) I looked up how to clean and oil the thing properly. And I took it apart. And oiled the hell out of it. And lo and behold! No more jamming bobbin problem. So now, I have a half done quilt staring at me. And I'm feeling the old obsession with the machine starting up again (and I still haven't finished knitting DH's sweater... he's going to kill me.)
But, the real reason the Singer is back in comission? I'm waiting to hear if WE BOUGHT A HOUSE... Yeah. Put in an offer on a cute little old house yesterday. A house that will need many more curtains than I currently own.. and pillows.. and placemats...

Pog Mo Thoin.

So, its almost St. Patricks day, and I did not happen to score tickets to the sold out Dropkick Murphys show in Boston this evening, so I did the next best thing: Cranked em on the iPod, and scrubbed the bathroom. Oh, and did some knitting.. Look!

The completed Fetching. This picture was taken while it was actually light out, so the color is much better.. I really liked this pattern, I think I may have to make many more of these. The fair isle is going along as well, however, I'm realizing that I still knit too tight. It's getting all bunchy. For this project, it doesn't matter as much, as it will be felted, but it's something I'll have to work on.
And here's the ugly pair of socks I'm working on as well, knit on #2's in Plymouth Sockotta. They're so ugly I like em. The yarn is a cotton blend, and it's nice and lightweight, so they'll be fun to wear in warmer weather.
And one of the many baby hats I've been cranking out. Seems as though there's something in the water at my place of employment, and everyone's getting knocked up (I stopped drinking it a while ago...), and everyone knows I knit, but I don't have the time or the energy to knit them all a sweater or blanket or something big.. so, the parade of baby hats. They are as of yet unfinished, I need to add the tassels. tee hee. Knit in Sugar n Cream cotton, on #6, I think...

fair isle? check.

So, I started my first attempt at fair isle this evening. And I'm finding, it's a lot easier than it looks. Additionally, I believe I'm becoming addicted to it. More so than lace. Oh, yeah. All I have to do is perfect my toe-up socks knitting ways and whoo doggie...

Let me veer off on a tangent here. I believe that all socks should be knit toe-up. It just makes sense. I did knit my first pair cuff down, though. And it took three tries to start one sock. And I hated it. So I tried the toe-up sock with a short row toe and heel. Thus far, I like it, but I think I'm going to use the heel from this pattern. And once we master that, I'm thinking the fair isle socks will never end..

And another question..

I'm fairly new to lace knitting. And I love knitting socks. That is, I love knitting toe-up socks. But, most lace sock patterns I see are for cuff down. There are a few good toe-up ones on Knitty.. I guess my question is, Can you knit a lace pattern upside down and have it some out the same way?

So many yarns...

So, I have a question...

My mother tells me every time she sees me wearing my Clapotis that she loves the pattern and wants one. And I'd love to make her one. Problem is, she's allergic to wool. Very. Like, she can barely touch it before she gets hives. So... I was wondering if y'all have knit with 100% silk, or bamboo, and could maybe suggest a yarn you absolutely loved to work with, that would to the pattern right. And it would give me an opportunity to try out a fantastic new yarn.

Original yarn specs listed below...

Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb [50% silk, 50% wool; 205yd/184m per 100g skein];
19 sts/25 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch on US #8/5mm needles

The yarn I subbed for worked beautifully:
Brooks Farm Yarn Four Play
50/50 Blend of Fine Wool and Silk
Yardage Approximately 270 yds/4 oz skein
Type Worsted US 7-9 @ 5 st/inch on US 8

At Last...

I finally uploaded a few photos...
Here's a work in progess, I've jumped on the fingerless mitt bandwagon. Fetching, from This pattern is addicting. I might end up with several pairs of these. The color is a littlle bluer than the picture shows, however. (Note to self - remember to take knitting pictures during the DAY.)


I made this last year, finished it in the fall. It's been worn almost every day since. I might have one WIP picture of it somewhere. Knit with Brooks Farm Yarns' Four Play, 50% wool, 50% silk, colorway Vera Cruz. The yarn was wonderful. I liked this pattern so much I may make another and pony up for the Lorna's Laces this time.. colorway Aslan.. mmm.

This is a beanie hat I knit quite a while ago, but again, just got around to taking a picture of it. Knit with recycled sari silk yarn. It was a little stiff and difficult to knit with, but this fabric has softened with wear, and is quite warm. Nice for our New England winters. One of my favorite pieces.

And, finally, here's Chipper. Guardian of the stash. Yep, that's my whole stash. And sadly, it's half full of bad yarn that I bought before I knew better. If anyone out there needs Fun Fur, I've got a couple extra skeins. In a plastic baggie, at the bottom of that bin. In purple and green, nonetheless.


So, I am curently attending Weight Watchers. The past couple off weeks have been a little, well, stagnant. No movement on the scale. My mother, who also goes to meetings with me, placed a little wager on this week's weight in. Winner got a prize worth $50. So.... she lost 2 pounds. *I* lost 2.2 pounds. WINNER! And my prize? A $50 gift certificate to my LYS. Go me! This just means more yoga. More yoga = less weight = more yarn prizes? (Did I mention the owner of my LYS goes to the same WW meetings?) Oh ya. It was a scene earlier. She's in one corner knitting a pair of socks, I'm across the room, working on the baby hat. Everyone oohing and aahing over how crafty we are. (Anyone else love that? Makes me feel smaaaht.)

Anywho. Yay for free yarn. Or maybe more Addi Turbos...

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