No name yet, but isn't she cute? Brown markings just on her ears, over one eye, and on her shoulder. She was born Thursday evening, pictures taken today, Saturday...

She is already being handled by her owners, but still a little wary of people. That, and Mama doesnt like people messing with her baby..

And we're off! She's quite the graceful little beastie, especially for only having use of those long spindly legs for a few days...

And after all that running, a nap is in order..

Like I was going to get ANY knitting (or packing) done today. Ha!

Here Comes the Sun.. (doo doo doo doo..)

And I say.. It's alright!
Sorry for the lack of posts.. I've been a busy girl. First, we've finally gotten to an agreement on the house! We signed some papers today, hopefully closing next week. I can't believe it! In the meantime, here's what I've been up to, other than enjoying the weather:

Goodies from Knit Picks. The green and violet are Essential Sock yarns (middle), the lighter purple and teal are CotLin (bottom left), the handpainted up top are Memories sock yarn and the turquoise stuff on the right is Shimmer, for a friend of mine. So, that's 3 pairs of socks, a dishcloth or 3, and some stuff that's not even really mine. I did also order a set of DPNs to see how their needles are, because I've been considering purchasing the Options set. Let me tell you... thus far the needles feel like Addi Turbos to me. And much cheaper! I'm almost sold on the needle set..
And here are the DPNs in action. This is the first of my Hedera socks. It's slow going, I'm not the quickest of knitters, but I'm loving both the pattern and the yarn.
I also gave up on the sewing machine, and bought a new one. I figured that if I'm going to be making bunches of stuff for the new house, I might as well get a newer machine. And ohmygod. I have never done any sewing on an electronic machine before. It's like heaven! I can't believe how much easier it is when you have updated equipment. The other machine was easily 15 years old.
So I whipped up this needle roll, with some help from this tutorial. Used some scraps and remnants I had lying around.. I thought it was a good "get to know the machine" project. Now I really need to find some patterned projects to get my groove on.. i LOVE Amy Butler's designs- especially the Chelsea bags...
Here's the other big distraction.. now that spring has FINALLY sprung.. more barn time! This is Ebony... she's waaay overdue to have a baby... for the past 3 weeks, we all keep thinking that tonight's the night! She was purchased pregnant, unbeknownst to her owner, so we were expecting a foal anytime this month.. anytime... we're waiting..
And this is my guy, Victor. We finally hit the trails this weekend. It was still pretty muddy, we're still drying out here from a week of torrential rain, but it was great. And Victor, after getting muddied up on the trail, got bathed, and promptly took a roll in the mud. And yawned. It was just so nice to feel the warmth of the sun.. I was beginning to think we'd never see it!

Here's to hoping this warmth holds out... Happy Spring!!

prge piece!

Here's my contest piece.. yeah, it doesn't look all that punk, but I can explain. First of all, I thought about cutting up the cherry tote that my pal sent, but couldn't bring myself to do it! So, I started knitting the yarn. And thinking that I needed a lightweight scarf, in blue, to go with my fetching, for the spring. And then it hit me. Make it a Moebius Scarf! (In a nerdy way, I think knitting a Moebius is kinda punk.. it's certainly a little different anyway...) So, it was made as such, and it also was my first sucessful attempt at Kitchener stitch. (Sad, I know.) So, I added the plaid buttons that my pal sent with the tote, and Voila! here you have it. Secret Pal - this yarn was soooo nice to work with! Thanks again!

In other news... We had our home inspection, and we had a few issues come up that will need some negotiation, so we won't know for sure until next week if we're proceeding ahead. grrr. Patience, grasshopper...

And the sewing machine hates me. As I sit down to make a project this morning, it's back to it's old tricks. So, in for servicing it goes. And I'm bummed, because look what I found!

This is SO going to be my new kitchen curtains. And maybe a matching vintage-style apron. That is, if I can get the damned machine to work...

I lied.

I said I'd never knit a cuff-down sock again. Well, I'm giving it a go. Partially because I want to knit lace socks that aren't toe-up, ad I don't know how the lace would look backwards. And partially because I'm sitting on a few socks worth of yarn in my stash. And I want to have a wardrobe of hand knit socks. I will learn Kitchener Stitch if it kills me. I have never understood it. I have no idea why, I just cannot do it. Every time I try, I open all my knitting books up to that page, figure out which one makes sense to me that day, and attempt. And fail.

So, I'm knitting Hedera. Out of this. It's yummy and soft. Pictures to follow when I have daylight in which to take them.

I'm also having trouble with the PRGE challenge. I can't think of anything to make with my yarn!! I wound it into a ball last night, and snuggled it for a while, but no ideas came..

In other news, our home inspection is Thurday morning. If that goes well, I'll be dropping small fortunes at Home Depot. Mmmm, power tools....

I have too been knitting...

I had to post another picture of the yarn my PRGE pal sent me. Don't you just want to eat it?

I look at it every day, hoping it will tell me what it wants to be.

More stuff being knit.. Here's the start of a pair of Knucksfor my DH. I'm liking how they knit up. My other fave bit about this is the DPNs. The nice lady at my LYS suggested that if I was going to knit socks/gloves/mittens, that I'd prefer these DPNs. Boy, was she right. They're Brittany, US#4, 5" length. And my new favorite sticks. I need a set in #2 before I attempt my next pair of socks.
Speaking of socks...

Done. Just basic socks, toe-up, short row heel and toe (Provisional cast-on toe). I'm not sure how much I like them. I have a ball of nice sock yarn and some better ideas for the next pair. (And I may even attempt a cuff-down pair again...)

And then, there's this..

The beginnings of Cozy. In earlier posts, I eluded to a poncho that was torn out and reworked into a shrug, and that it was my longest UFO... Well, I frogged the shrug too. All 4 balls of it that was worked. And then realized that this yarn would be a perfect substitution to the 100% silk that I'm sure cost more than I would pay to make this. You're looking at Berroco Softwist. I bought 12 hanks of it from a yarn shop that was closing for super cheap. So far, I'm really liking how it knits up in this lace pattern. Hopefully, there will be no more frogging for this yarn.

House stuff is rolling along... we;re currently waiting for the sellers to reconnect the water so we can schedule an inspection. I'm not freaking out... yet. As soon as that house inspects OK, then I'll go into full freak out mode. (Did I mention that when our offer was accepted, the sellers asked to move up the closing to May 1st? Yah...)

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