We're movin on up...

Oy. Been a bit since I got a chance to blog.. with all the packing and work on the house and stuff. It's been interesting.

So, we got the hardwood floors refinished. They came out beautifully. The day they finished with that, my new stove and fridge were delivered. The stove looks great. The fridge... was damaged. Like someone dropped it off a truck and ran over it. Yeah, I refused delivery. So, the second time they delivered it, they showed up half an hour before they said they would, and then left before I got there. So, time #3's the charm, right? Yep. They get the fridge in the kitchen... and it doesn't fit in the space I so carefully measured. The delivery guy says "just sand down that bottom corner of the cabinet and she'll slide right in." I did. It didn't. (Sidenote: the house had been closed up and damp for some time, so the wood swelled a bit here and there.) My co-worker says "the cabinet came unseated. Get a rubber mallet and whack it back into place, and the fridge wil slide right in." I did. It didn't. So last night, after many failed fridge fitting attempts (say that five times fast), including the "shove it in there as hard as you can and maybe it will fit" plan, I went to Home Depot. I rented a belt sander with 50 grit paper. I went to the house and sanded the plaster off the drywall on the other side of the fridge opening. And then I stuffed the fridge in. Me: 1. House: 0.

Then came the upstairs bedroom wall. Someone plastered over paneling, and in the dampness of the house, the plaster is chipping off the paneling. Plan A: Chip off all the plaster, sand and prime the walls, and wallpaper. Except in some places, the plaster was most definitely sticking. Plan B: Sand the plaster off. Except the belt sander was going to take the paneling off too. Plan C: Sand the edges of the chipped plaster, smooth them down with joint compound, and prime and wallpaper over it. Yahtzee. Paper's up. Me: 2. House: 0.

And did tell you about the family of obese squirrels living in my eaves? Ah, the joys of home ownership... Me: 2, House:1.

So, needless to say, I won't be around for a few days. Moving all the big stuff today, and taking all of next week off work to unpack and finish fixing up stuff.. I'm sure I'll have a few more stories before the day is over.

Leigh, if you happen to see this, I sent an email to your secret pal email with my new addy. :)

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!!

I've been tagged!

Thank you, Sunne.. (is it sad that I'm psyched that someone thought of me enough to tag me?)

Here's the scoop:

Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog. So, here goes:

1. I have terrible knees. Officially diagnosed as loose ligaments, and no lateral stability. When I was in high school, I used to have to wear braces on them all day. I was told that as I got older, they'd get better. They sound like rice krispies when I walk up the stairs. I can hyperextend them and move my kneecap in a manner that is definitely not normal. But, for the most part, they don't hurt.

2. I am not a neat person. My house is in perpetual clutter mode. BUT... I know where EVERYTHING is.

3. I am obsessed with numbers. Not in a math way, never was a fan of math class, but I look for patterns and number combinations. I see numbers like tetris blocks. Example: I like threes. My birthday is Sept 3rd. 9/3. 9=3x3. It's beautiful. Knitting appeals greatly to this compulsion.

4. If I went to medical school, I'd specialize in orthopedic surgery. I assisted in some vet surgeries involving orthopedics, and it kicked butt. Two words: POWER TOOLS.

5. I am a singer. Classical. First Soprano. I sing really high notes.

6. My favorite color is purple. Conversely, I hate pink. The jury's still out on purply-pink... it's gotta be more purple than pink. Coral pink is okay, though. As long as it's more coral than pink...

7. I believe in ghosts. Because I've actually seen them. I have a few super creepy ghost stories... things seen, heard, and felt. I am a logical, scientific, needs-proof kinda gal. So for me to believe that there are supernatural beings, well, I must've had proof...

I tag... well, anyone who reads it. I don't have enough people on my blog-reading list that haven't already been tagged anyway. So, if you read this, tag!
Too much going on, and no recent FO's, so here's a pic of the Knucks I finished months ago for DH. Makes me feel like I've done something recently. (The Hedera socks are just taking too long. Or, I don't have the time to commit to them right now...) The fingers are really all the same length, I swear.

I do, however, have the time to start to get to know my new horse.

She would come away from Mom and check me out, but she's still not so sure about who I am.. I can't scratch her neck or really pat her unless she's in close quarters. But we did have a good session today just hanging out. She would actually come over to me when I called her. And then she had a good run. Evidently, her favorite thing to do now is race around the riding ring as fast as she can. It's hysterical.

Got some yardwork done at the new house today, too. Nice sunny day, got the lawn cleaned up somewhat, put down some lime and seed, and aired out the house. Getting the floors refinished Monday..

Hopefully they'll look better than this...

PRGE Swag!

I tried to post this earlier, but Blogger was freaking out on me.. so here goes again.

I got my #2 PRGE package from Leigh today!! (Who, incidently, has one of the funniest knit blogs. Seriously. Go read her pattern reviews and tell me you didn't pee a little. For real.) I stayed home from work so I could go sign papers for my house (finally!!!), and was glad I did when the mailman came and I was there to rip open the package right away! I did take pictures, though.. wanna see?

I often drool over handpainted sock yarns on Etsy. It's one of my favorite new hobbies. I never thought about dying my own sock yarn.. until now! Squee!! I got a hand of 440 yds of merino sock yarn, waiting to be colored. Oh my, am I in trouble. perhaps this may be the start of something.. good?

And here's the pile of perfectly coordinated gifts, all in the black and white polka-fot family. We've got: a journal, notecards, a photo frame, notepad, a headband, a ribbon belt, and a wristlet. And a white ring with red gems in it. I love em! But I saved the best for last... inside the wristlet is...

CHOCOLATE! Rock on, sista! You are one kick-ass swap pal. I needed this today!

And, to those of you who may be following the spirit guide/horse saga... I spoke to the owners. We're going to work something out. Squee again!! It is a good day indeed.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

I'm a little freaked out.

I have a friend that currently lives in Nevada, a fellow horsewoman, and my older sister that somehow I never really had.. Anyway, I sent her the pictures of the foal in the post below. I figured she'd be interested, and who can resist a picture of a cute little thing like that?

Cue flashback.

I had a horse that I had to put down in the fall of 2005. She was 31 years old, and she had taught me how to ride when I was a kid. It was a tough thing, and to this day I still miss her terribly. I haven't bought a horse yet, because I've been waiting for the right one to come along. Victor is a horse I'm leasing, he's a cool guy, but not "my" horse.

Return to the present.

My friend emails me back about the pictures. "Do you realize that this is a MEDICINE HAT PAINT?" She replies. And launches in to the following history lesson:

Medicine Hat is the name applied to horses exhibiting a unique and rare pattern of color. Being mostly white in body, Medicine Hats have color on their ears and top of the head, which resembles a bonnet or hat. Color on the chest is termed a shield. Other areas of color vary, but may show around one or both eyes and in the flanks. Often one or both eyes are partially or totally blue, especially when the area around the eye is unpigmented. There are exceptions, some have dark eyes surrounded by white skin. They may be of any base color, often roaning of the base color is present as well. Medicine Hats are described by their base color such as bay Medicine Hat, black roan Medicine Hat, chestnut Medicine Hat etc.. War Bonnet is a name given to horses of a similar pattern which exhibit less color, usually having just the Hat and very little, if any, other colored areas. Legend has the Medicine Hat Horse appearing in Native American culture, being used as a Ceremonial Horse, Buffalo Runner, and a War Horse. Some of the Plains tribes which considered the Medicine Hat to be supernatural protection against harm were the Sioux, Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Comanche and Kiowa Tribes. Being of mostly white coloration, paintings of special symbols were used on Medicines Hats to add strength to the horse and depict special happenings, such as battles and captured ponies, in the life of his rider. There were considered so special that only tribal chiefs and medicine men and great warriors were only allowed to ride them.

Furthermore, she adds, these horses are considered spirit guides and come into the lives of the people that need them. The fact that this mare was pregnant with this foal when she was bought and brought to the farm a year ago, and none of us knew it, means that she came to us of her own powers. Nobody knew about her. And my friend thinks that she came for me. That this is to be my next equine friend, now that my old mare has left this world.

So, as crazy as it sounds, I'm going to show up at the barn tomorrow and try to explain to the mare's owner that the foal is my spirit guide, and even though I don't have any money because I'm buying a house, I need to have this horse.

I have officially lost my mind. But, so has my DH, because even though he thinks I'm nuts, he told me to go for it...

There's no place like home.

Except I don't have one yet.

Today was closing day. Was, you ask? But it's still the morning! Evidently, when you buy a property that was foreclosed on in the past, there's all sorts of extra papers that the lawyer needs before he'll let you sign the mortgage. We happen to be missing one. ONE. The one that says "The person who lived here before you who defaulted on both their credit card payments and child support payments has been taken care of, and the lien that was once on this property is no longer there." Yeah. We found out about this one at about 2PM yesterday. The lawyer said that he might get it in time today to close. No dice. He just called and said, more or less, "Maybe tomorrow."


So, we wait. In the meantime, to lighten the mood, I present today's yarn pr0n.

Hand dyed sock yarn from Kindred Spirits Yarn. I stumbled across her shop on Etsy. Gorgeous colors.

Schaeffer Anne. mmmmmm. I love the colors! So vibrant. Still don't know what sock pattern to use for her..

And finally, Spring has arrived. This is probably the cause of all my sniffling and sneezing over the past few days, but it's just beautiful!

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