PRGE swag!

Lookee what I got in the mail today! (The mailman referred to it as fanmail..)

VERY yummy stuff here. The ecru is 3 skeins of Eden, by Madil, 100% bamboo, and amazingly soft.. I think I'm going to have to make cable-y socks out of that. Kneesocks. Something like clessidra...? And, there's a funny pair of socks in there too.. with horses all over em. Wicked cute!

This, my dears, is Malabrigo Worsted. In my favorite color. And what makes it extra special? It's the first Malabrigo I've ever had. I keep huffing it. I don't know if I can make anything out of it. Unless I can huff the FO. I suppose I could.

And these are some kickass fingerless mitts that Megan knit just for me!! I love the braided cable. And the colors. And the way they smell. Seriously, I don't know if it's how your house smells, or if you washed them, or what. But they smell nice.

And there even was a treat for the felines! Ok, it's the empty box, but seriously. They love that stuff.

Thanks so much, Megan! I know you've been wicked busy. I appreciate all my goodies! (And that you actually made me something... with all your spare time. Ha!)

I'm in trouble now.

Every time I go to Michael's, AC Moore, JoAnns, and the like, I always grab a couple balls of dishcloth cotton. Around here, everyone seems to have Sugar n Cream. No Peaches & Creme. (Can you tell I read and reread the Mason-Dixon knitting book?) I had to go to the tack shop to pick up some de-wormer and a new halter for Siouxsie. Her head's too big for the one she's squeezing into now. I get to the tack shop at 9:45, thinking that they opened at 9AM. They don't open until 10AM. So, back down the street to Wal-Mart I go, to kill time. Now, I am not a fan of Wal-Mart. If I'm going to the big store that has everything kinda place, I'm a Target girl. But I digress. I wander into the craft section, a department that the Wal-Mart closer to home lacks. I figure, at the least, I can see if they have any dishcloth cotton. And they do! And it's Peaches & Creme. Ooh, I think, exotic... they had some colors I preferred over the S'n'C, so I grab a couple of skeins. And then I look down, past the crochet cotton and see...


I have never seen cones of this stuff, from either brand. I knew they existed, I've had my eye on the Absorba Bathmat pattern for a while, but never could seem to find cones, and I didn't want to buy a hundred balls of the stuff. I did not purchase any cones, however. I couldn't remember how many I needed for the bathmat, but I left with 4 balls of cotton and 2 skeins of Caron Simply Soft, just because.

But be on guard, cones... I'm coming back for you...

Sheep!! OK, well, lamb.

Could you die? Seriously.


If one sock of a pair counts as something being finished, then I have a FO! One of Papa's Christmas socks are done. And I'm on vacation this week, so hopefully the second will follow right along. I did cast it on just now, and I plan on getting a head start on knitting it while watching the Patriots game this evening. It's going to be a busy month! I am active in my church's choir, and the Christmas season is especially busy if you're a singer. On top of that, I'm directing the kid's Christmas pageant/play, which will be performed on Sunday, Dec 9th. I'm also hoping to crank out a few dishcloths to add to some gifts for the family. I also scored two hanks of Koigu from a person on Ravelry who was destashing, in a purple/red/orange colorway. I have never knit with Koigu before, nor have I ever seen it in person (neither of my LYSs seem to carry it). It looks gorgeous! I tend to prefer sock yarn with a nice tight twist, and this stuff looks perfect. I have too many pairs of socks that I want to make after the holidays, and this stuff just added to the sock queue. The Blackberry shrug is moving along, too. on #13 needles, it had better! I haven't been knitting on it in order to get more holiday knitting time in, but I couldn't very well knit the socks for Papa right in front of him on Thanksgiving, so I brought my Blackberry sleeves with me. Finished sleeve #1 and got started on sleeve #2 after we were thoroughly stuffed. I might actually get to wear it while it's still cold out! (and believe you me, it's cold around here.. it never got above freezing yesterday!)

On a sidenote, has anyone out there ever done any poking around on DH was doing some research on and off during his breaks at work, and he was able to trace his family back to King Richard the Lionheart and Charlemagne! I couldn't seem to get anything interesting on my side of the family, until I sat down with my grandmother on Thursday. We got info far enough back to have relatives on the Mayflower. But then, I got a line of Scottish descendants to pop up, and I freaked out!! I am a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce!! It's just neat to find out stuff like that. It took about 6 or 7 generations back from me before the website's database could kick in and fill in the tree back that far. We also have been told for years that somewhere in my grandmother's ancestors is a relation to Rebecca Nurse, one of the accused and executed "witches" of the Salem Witch Trials. I have yet to dig up that connection, but I did get some ancestors in that area at that time, so I just need to keep on looking!

Hope you all had a great holiday!! 30 knitting days till Christmas...

OK, one more baseball post.

Out of sheer excitement that Mike Lowell has been re-signed by the Red Sox (yay!!), I give you, from Papel-blog:

... But now it's very important that we all join a new club:


It stands for: Normally Hyperbolic, Critical and Pessimistic Red Sox Fans Who Promise Not to Boo if Mike Lowell Hits .218 in 2010.

I mean, we get to look at *this* for three more years.

Amen, I say.


So, I joined the Secret of the Stole KAL. I had the yarn, I bought the beads, I got to work. I'm learning that I love to knit lace. Love it!. But.. I don't think I'm in love with the pattern anymore... I'm almost at the end of clue #3. Clue #7 has been issued as of yesterday. So, I'm pretty far behind. Behind enough to see that although the patter is lovely, it's really not something I'd wear. Nor would anyone else I would give it to.

I think I need to frog it. Ack!

I'm not even a whole ball of yarn into the darn thing. I just feel like I've wasted time. Like, I have to finish it because I started it. Oy. I'm bummed! Looking at the other mystery stoles on Ravelry, I loved how they turned out, but this one's just not my style. I guess that's what you get for knitting a project like this. Grr. Well, I've got 1200 yards of this stuff, and plenty of beads to match. Off to find a new pattern, I think.

Not singin' in the rain tonight...

Thursday nights are choir rehearsal nights. But, I have a splitting headache, and a night of knitting on the couch is much more appealing to me than screeching out soprano notes for two hours. So, hopefully some more progress on Papa's socks will be had - I've turned the heel and am doing gusset decreases on sock #1. It goes pretty fast when I sit down to DO IT. The stole is coming along as well, just slow. I think hint #7 comes out tomorrow, and I'm still on hint #3. But, it will get done. I like lace knitting too much...

I spent the day on Saturday at the Equine Affaire, a HUGE horse expo that was in Springfield, MA. They had vendors for everything and anything horse and farm related, seminars (we sat through 5 hours worth!!), breed association booths with stalls next to the booth so you could meet the breeds, and a barn full of horses on display and for sale. ( for anyone who might care, there's a medicine hat paint stallion named Kenny Rogers, who is super famous, and who Siouxsie looks like, and he was there!! Gorgeous horse, lemme tell you. And his owner was there, a sweet older woman, who said that there's something special about the medicine hats.. she said I'd never regret owning Siouxsie. Made me feel good!) I somehow managed to walk away without buying anything but my lunch. BUT... in the breed barn, there was a woman sitting outside her horse's stall, quietly spinning undyed wool on a drop spindle. When I finally got over to her to talk to her about it, she was gone, but there were a few hanks of handspun alpaca sitting next to where she had been, with a sale sign. I waited for her for a few minutes, but she never came back. I wanted to buy it!! Oh well, I'll just have to plan better for next year and get my butt to Rhinebeck.


Even though I'm dreadfully behind on the Secret of the Stole project, I am happy with how it's turning out...

I have definitely been bitten by the lace bug now. I have a few lace projects in my Ravelry queue that I'm itching to start... It's just magic. I can't wait to finish and block it!

Sleeve #1 of Blackberry, almost done. This is a super quick knit, if only I could sit and do it. I love the Rowan yarn, I love the pattern, and I'm hoping I can get Papa's socks done fast enough so I can get cracking on it and finish before spring arrives. Speaking of Papa's socks...

I ripped out the first pattern I was using, and started over. I'm using Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's basic sock recipe from Knitting Rules, and using the rib pattern from Thuja. It's a good, quick, super easy pattern, and I now feel I can get it done in time, AND maybe get some other stuff done too. Yarn is Trekking XXL. It's okay. Kinda splitty, but knits up into a nice fabric.

Anyone see the new Knitty extra patterns yet? I love them!! I really want to make Oblique...

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