Time flies when you're having fun.

Or, when it's the holidays and you're super busy. The good news is, I did get all the holiday knitting done. A few weeks ago, we got hammered with snow up here, and even though my usual 20-30 minute ride home took nearly 3 hours, I didn't mind the extra time.

Got those dishcloths done! People in traffic alternately were concerned and got a chuckle out of my knitting. We'd sit motionless for 45 minutes at a time, sometimes, so what better way to pass the time? That's why us knitters always have a project on our person at all times. You never know when you'll find quality knitting time. I find it also makes me less impatient in situations like that.

And, sadly enough, this was the clearest picture of the snow-covered house I took. I had to dive out of the way a few times whilst people tried to get up our hill in their cars. Our driveway is at the exact point where a vehicle loses all momentum up a snow-covered street, spins out, and has to go back down, and find another way home.

Papa's socks were a hit, as was the Clap. The other gift I whipped up in record time was this market bag:

Pattern is Elisa's Nest Tote, made with Sugar N Cream/Peaches N Creme. Knit up super fast. It was a gift to my SIL, who left this week to spend a semester in Thailand, so she can bring it to the market when she goes shopping!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Now we can knit for ourselves, right?

God Bless Us, Every One.

What a day!! I've been preparing, in the past weeks, for the big Christmas dinner at our church. Not really a huge deal, except for the annual kids' play. What started out as "would you mind helping out?" turned into my directing and staging and running the whole show. A little bit stressful... but, all said and done, they did great. And now I'm at home, having a tasty adult beverage, and watching the recaps of the Patriots game (that I had to miss.. grrr.), and enjoying the sound of kids not asking me questions every five seconds. (Sidenote - Meg, the armwarmers you made me were officially dubbed "wicked cool" by the kiddos.)

Got a lot of knitting done this weekend, I just need to finish off the toe of the second sock of Papa's socks and a crank out a few more dishcloths and my holiday knitting is done. I even found time yesterday to get out to the barn, take a few of the horses out, and manage to completely annoy the baby...

She's too laid back for her own good..

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