B is for...

Bermuda. I know I posted some of these before, but I love these pictures.
B is for Bermuda
B is for Bermuda
These first two were taken standing at the top of the steps leading down onto Elbow Beach. One of the top two beaches I have ever visited.
B is for Bermuda
B is for Bermuda
The sand is powder fine and super soft, and the water is cool and refreshing. Blues and greens are some of my favorite colors, and sitting here, all I could see was blue and green, contrasted with the white sand...
B is for Bermuda
B is for Bermuda
That right there, that's paradise to me.

A is for...

America's Pastime. And in these parts, a cult-like religion.

A is for America's Pastime

I would like add that I was born and raised in Red Sox country, and have loved them through the good and the bad (And the Buckner?)... There is just something about being in Fenway Park that soothes my soul. Beer, Fenway Frank, and a popcorn. My family was hosting a family from Bulgaria for a visit in the fall of 2006. A husband, wife, and teenage daughter. My father had gone to see them in Sofia and was shown a lot about Bulgaria culture. Tedy, the husband, said he wanted to really experience American culture while they were visiting. So, we took them to a Red Sox game. And it took until the 7th inning before they understood the concept of balls and strikes, but Big Papi hit a wicked dingah that night, and all was right with the world, even though we lost to the Twinkies.

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It's been quite a busy week, with MORE SNOW to shovel and horses to tend to.. I took the baby girl for a walk down the road and into the woods this weekend!! Our first walk off the farm. She was pretty good, but we didn't get any pictures, because, well, I needed both hands. Just in case she decided to be stupid and run away. And Blackberry is off the needles!! Still drying, so I'll get some pics up soon..

But I do have knitting progress pictures:
My Kiri is coming along nicely. And with all those lifelines, I seem to not be making any mistakes. For some reason, I just like this pattern better, and it looks really nice with this yarn.
DH's socks. He just wanted a basic sock, and basic I can do. (Thankfully basic = faster, good for size 12 feet!) Yarn is Knit Picks Essentials, and it's nice and soft. Just working the short row heel now on sock #1.
And here we have the beginnings of Wicked. Yarn is Knit Picks Swish Superwash. It's squishy and soft and I love the color, Indigo Heather. So, here's my issues. In order to get gauge, I had to go up from the recommended #7 to a #9. I *never* have this much trouble with gauge. Usually I'm right on, or maybe one needle off. I'm not using the recommended yarn, but it is worsted weight, should it be two needles difference?? That, and, gaah, where to begin. The size I want to make has me CO 132 stitches for the neckline. OK, did that. Then, knit an 8 stitch repeat. Ok. let's do some math. 132 div. by 8 = 16.5. HUH? So, I'm not casting on enough stitches to fully knit the repeat in the round. I did this twice, cast on, knit, grr, frog, cast on, knit and fudge the stitches to add 4 to complete the pattern repeat. Now I'm concerned. I'm not at gauge, I added 4 stitches to make up for the pattern differential, am I doomed? I trolled the message boards on Ravelry, and nobody mentioned that they had noticed this, and what they did about it. WTF? Help?!

ETA: I found a Wicked knitalong on Ravelry that's just starting... and a new podcast to boot.


Here's a pic of Foliage in progress..


With my fave stitch markers. :) And speaking of winged ponies..

Hiro and Carol

This is Hiro, and his owner, having a gallop up the hill. He's the 3 year old stallion at the barn, who just started his training. He's so good!! This is where my weekend therapy takes place. And, this is my best attempt at my view from the saddle:


The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears. ~Arabian Proverb

Round #3.

I was making good progress on the Adamas shawl.. really I was. I enjoy knitting lace. It's like turning down the volume on the rest of the world. Which is why it was probably stupid to be knitting lace whilst at a stitch n bitch last Wednesday night. To be fair, I had knit on the Secret of the Stole during baseball games, and the Adamas shawl isn't hard at all. And, the night before knitting group, I was off by a stitch, so I fudged it the way I usually do to make up for things, it's never noticeable, and on I went. I put in a lifeline, figuring if I were to screw up royally again, I'd be saved. Unless I had the ENTIRE WIDTH OF THE SHAWL OFF BY ONE STITCH, not just one errant stitch at the end of a row.. Ugh. Kinda noticeable, kinda not. What to do? Well, first, I put it away and started a sock. :) Then, I got home, and stared at it long enough to hate it, and, yes, frogged it. All of it. Then, I knitted on my sock some more.

So, attempt #3 has begun on this poor ball of yarn. To its credit, though, it's held up nicely after being knit up and frogged twice now, and one of those rounds was with beads. I decided to try Kiri, and I'm liking this yarn and pattern combination even better... The yarn is Knit Picks Shadow, in Lost Lake, a dark heathery forest green, and the Kiri pattern kinda has little fern branches in it. It looks really nice. And I have already placed two lifelines, just so I won't need them. :)

I also started and finished Foliage, from Knitty.com. Addictive pattern, addictive yarn (I am officially a Malabrigo junkie now), and a quick and fun knit. Hopefully I'll have some pics uploaded of that one soon..

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