F is for...

Jaywalkers and friends..
I have three. We will meet all of them somewhere in this ABC-along, but since I used up my "C" for my dear old mare Chevy, this particular feline intro will be for Chipper Jones. Yes, after the baseball player of the same name.
F is for Feline.
Chipper was our first cat, brought home from the shelter as a kitten. He's the mama's boy of the bunch. And, I personally believe he's responsible for the recent success of the local sports teams. No lie. We got him in the fall of 2001, right before the Yankees lost the World Series to the Arizona Diamondbacks. And after watching the Yankees win 4 of the last 5 World Series prior to that one, it was nice to watch them lose. Did the cat help? Maybe..
A month or two later, the Patriots were on a roll, and we thought, maybe the cat's a good luck charm. Long story short, we rubbed the cat on the TV right before Vinatieri's game winning field goal. From then on, he's been the good luck cat. Mostly for baseball, though, given his name. Pitcher needs an out, Chipper's being rubbed on the TV. All those game winning home runs Big Papi hit? Chipper gave him the juju. Heck yeah.
F is for Feline.

E is for...

Enough. Srsly. No mas. I'm tappin out.

Doesn't TC look thrilled to be shoveling out AGAIN???

If I wake up to this again this weekend, I might have an aneurysm.

E is also for Expectant Ebony.

This is my filly's mom, Ebony Chik, about four days before she foaled. She was the most super pregnant mare I have ever seen. She'd stand still, and you could see the baby move from 10 feet away. She was enormous. (Another E!)

Knitting post to come.. I went yarn shopping this weekend... But, I'll leave you with Happy St. Patrick's Day wishes!

Everything's alright, yes, everything's fine...

And although the brief crochet interlude was enlightening, and forced me to add many more new projects to my Ravelry queue, I give you the happy, healed thumb.

Structurally, its all better. There is still a spot that has no feeling, but I'm getting adjusted to it. It's just weird.

Speaking of weird, and crochet, the bunny still has no face:

I don't seem to have any suitable eye-buttons. Or embroidery thread. Meh. I'm not 100% in love with it. The stitches are a little too loose. But, at least it looks like a bunny.

And now, random cat in sweater. Because I couldn't get the link to a bunny in a sweater to work.

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