You know you're engrossed in your projects...

... when you realize that a) it's really really late at night, and b) your finger's kinda sore, and you look down and see this on your index finger:


Yikes. That was my cue to go to bed. :)

J is for..

My two favorite Sox:

Jason Varitek.. Here he is catching behind Trot Nixon, on Trot's return to Fenway last spring as a Cleveland Indian.

And Jonathan Papelbon. Man, intensity has never been so sexy...

Pics were taken at last year's Memorial Day game. Wish I was heading there this Memorial Day... guess the grilling and beers will have to hold me this year. :)

If you want something done...

...bring it to my house. Unless it involves cleaning. Then it's not happening. I have finished TWO projects in the last 24 hours. One being my Dream Swatch Head Wrap. The other one being... WICKED! Yee-haw! I cast off the last sleeve this morning. See the things I can accomplish when I play hooky from work? (scheduled day off, people, I did not call out.) So, Wicked just needs the ends sewn in and a wash. Swatch needs a good blocking. Am I doing any of that?? Nope. I'm making project bags. I've got one done, and another cut out, ready to assemble. Then, I'll have to fill them with new projects. :)

Maybe one of those projects can be socks with the Zen String Lotus Toes yarn that I WON in the ABC-along!! Squeeee!! Thanks to the judges for picking me! I really liked my eye/I picture, but I didn't think it was good enough to win me something... seeing as I really never win anything. This has made my weekend!!

Tomorrow, I'm off to the wilds of Maine, to see my BFF from high school tie the knot, and to spend some time with TC. Maybe I'll get the sweater in shape to bring with me...

I do TOO have a yarn stash.

Thanks to Erin, who for some reason didn't seem to think I had enough yarn in my stash, I now have enough yarn that I had to go through and reorganize it all.

See? I even had to overflow into another bin. And then, there's this bin.

Yes, That's Fun Fur. Two colors. AND Crystal Palace Squiggle. Anyone need it? Lemme know.

In other news, I have a FO!!!

TC's socks are done. And he loves them. They were a plain toe-up sock, with short row heels and toes.

And in even better news, the kitty paw is looking good.

I think he's gonna make it.

I is for... eye?

I is for.. eye?
I in this case is actually for Iris. Specifically, the little brown fleck in my right iris. Every so often, someone points out that it's there. The coolest part about it? My mom's got the same thing. And so does my grandmother. I wonder if my future children may have it too.

(And yes, I did take this picture myself. No small feat, taking a good picture of your own eye.)

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