Finished Stuff!!

The Hemlock Ring Blanket is done!!

Pattern: Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood
Yarn : Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, 3 skeins
Needle: US9
Finished Diameter: 42" at longest points

I'm really pleased with this - it's one of my favorite FO's to date.

In progress:

Crocheted Nalgene cozy. I wanted something to insulate my water bottle, without it dropping sweat on every surface that I placed it on. Just single crochet, until it's tall enough.

And this? Oh, I've been dabbling with the DarkSide... I hear they have cookies.

Schacht spindle, 2.2 oz. And 8 oz of BFL. 4oz white, 4oz dark. Sent from Spunky Eclectic. Me likey. :)

ABC catch-up (Ketchup?)

I'm cheating. I didn't take this picture. M is for Marriage.

As I don't have children yet, this is officially the happiest day of my life. And this is my favorite picture from that day. If you care to see more, go to my flickr account (see sidebar) and add me as a friend so you can see them. :)

N, continuing on, is for Nap.

It's hard being a fat cat in this heat. Better to sleep it off.

You know what really grinds my gears?

I seem to be agitated, these last few days. Yeah, I'm on vacation, and yeah, I'm relaxed and crap, but maybe it's giving me a lot of time to think about stuff. So, in no particular order, stuff that's been bugging me lately:

* The stupid black cat in the neighborhood that keeps showing up and attacking my cats through the screens. Damn thing put holes in the screens - I know it's not my cats, they're declawed. I just had to pick the fat orange cat up by the scruff and kick him out of the mudroom.. he wants to kill that stupid thing.

* One certain someone who has made some tough life choices. You say: "i think i stopped understanding how to relate with others. like someone mashed ‘pause’ and i’m looking at a freeze frame of my heart’s arcs and turns. some of them need some serious straightening, and its those that i have no idea how to approach. i think i’m finally getting to the root of one of my oldest reflexes and actually addressing the problem. at least i hope i am. i kind of have to if i want any of the arcs and turns to survive." I hope so - but I know it's not about us... you know where to find me if it is.

* Yankees fans. OK, so hot shot Papelbon said a few things, and those things got taken out of context, and stupid Yankees fans don't know how to READ THE WHOLE STORY. Nothing would have made me happier last night than to see Mariano Rivera give up a GW hit in the 10th. But, JD Drew getting the MVP soothed those wounds just a little. That, and Reggie Jackson's digs on Alex Rodriguez. Both of em. :)

* The Olympics in China and the issues surrounding them. And knitting during the Olympics. I'm not saying that we should be overlooking the issues in China and Tibet. I believe the Color Orange folks say it best: "We want to introduce The Color Orange as a symbol of the protest against the human rights violations in China." Not a protest against the Games themselves. And as knitters, we're not condoning anything, or "knitting for a cause". We want to apply the Olympic spirit of competition to our craft, and push ourselves to do our best, to maybe achieve something we haven't thought possible. There's a way to support your country's team, and the world community, and still have your eyes open and recognize other world issues at the same time. If anything, the Olympics being in China may have made many more people aware of the human rights issues in China. There's a balance, folks...

* Rude people. Especially people who don't know that they're being rude. Maybe if polite people stopped being polite, rude people would notice that they may be rubbing people the wrong way...

That's it. I'm not a really negative person, but sometimes this stuff stacks up, and I have to unload it. I'm going to go yoga out all this negative energy, and we'll be right as rain...

Aah, vacation is here...

Although I'm off from work this week, that does not mean there's a whole lot of time for relaxation! I took the week off because my last teacher's exam is this coming Saturday, and I have a whole week of time dedicated to studying. OK, and maybe some knitting. And a few trips to the barn. I figure if I put in 4-6 hours of study time every day, I'll be in good shape. Maybe I'll have time to continue catching up on my ABC-along pictures...

I actually have knitting progress to show you!

Here's sock #1 of Firestarter. Sock #2 (thanks to a weekend watching my husband play Halo with his friends away from home) is almost halfway done as well. Gusset increases are 2/3 done, then it's the heel flap and the cuff! Pretty socks, but the pattern gets a little fiddly after a while, and it just seems to take forever to knit. I also have caught back up to where I was on the Hemlock ring prior to ripping back, and have passed by a few rows as of last night. I'm trying to get these two projects done before the Ravelympics start up, so I can concentrate on that project. For some reason, I think I'm going to knit a shawl in 17 days. It will be in sock yarn, but still. And, if for some reason I finish it in record time, I'll still have Kiri to work on... and then? I can start a million new things, since I won't really have anything left on the needles! Yay!

Alright, enough time wasted. Back to the books!

A pictorial tutorial.

I took some pictures of the graceful fixing of the Hemlock Ring booboo. I thought they might be helpful in showing that you don't have to frog a whole section of your knitting just to fix a little mistake. As you see in the below picture, I've put a DPN in where I need to unravel the stitches to, in order to fix and re-knit the section. Yes, it's 20 rows back. And it was missing about 6 yarn overs.

So, after finding where to unravel to, Here's what it looked like:

Aaaaand.. that's all the pictures I took. I was good for about the first 5 rows of re-knitting the section up. Then reality set in: there were too many yarn overs missed to have enough slack yarn in the section to make them with. Even on #2dpns. So, the rest of the pictures that I didn't take were really of me threading a circ 20 rows back, taking out the first circ, and frogging 20 rows of the damned thing. The good news, though, is that I re-knit half of what I ripped out yesterday afternoon.

In other news: the Ravelympics is almost upon us. A few of us local girls are forming team BAMFKnit, but I still have no idea what to knit. The idea is that you cast on a project during the opening ceremonies of the games, and you must have it complete by the time the flame is extinguished. That's 17 days, I believe, for the slowest knitter I know to get something done, start to finish. AND, I'm hoping to get Hemlock and my second sock done before then. Oh, and study and take test #2 in two weeks...

We interrupt your bloggy reading...

.. to offer the following:

As an aspiring science educator, I am aware that a salamander is an amphibian. Lizards are technically reptiles. So, the little guy below is not really a lizard. But I needed an L, and it worked. So phbt.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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