O is for Old.

As in, my house. Built in 1915. Old houses have so much character. Imagine how happy we were to hear that there were hardwood floors under the icky smelly mauve carpet? Yay!

But... This is what we found.

We weren't even sure what kind of wood it was. We had the refinishing folks come look at it. I had thought it was maple, not grainy enough to be oak. Turns, out it was birch. And that it would refinish beautifully. Boy, they were right...

It couldn't have turned out any better.

Gold medal knitting.

I can't believe I actually finished a project in two weeks.


Pattern: Forest Canopy Shawl (rav link)
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, 2 skeins
Colorway: Tahoe
Needles: KnitPicks Options, #6


With just a bit of yarn to spare.


Progress, and a new stash.

Olympic knitting is cruising along according to plan at Chez Stellify.

I wanted to be into the second skein of yarn by this weekend, and I accomplished just that last night. (In between yelling at the swimmers ALL NIGHT. Michael Phelps is a machine, and I'm in awe of his talent.) Now, the pattern picture has 9 patterned diamonds down the center stitch before the edging. At halfway with my yardage, I have 13. Trying to figure out how far to push my luck before starting the edging - I want to use every inch of this yarn...

Speaking of yarn... The BAMFKnitters had a lil yarn swap last weekend. The premise was, bring your tired, your poor, the yarn you're sick of looking at in your stash. The more you bring, the more credits you get. You then "shop" through everyone's yarn and bring home new stuff, without spending a dime. I brought a bagful:

o haha. This is the bagful I brought home.

Lots of nice stuff, and the best part? It's all new to me. We also had a little contest for the fugliest yarn. Check out your winner.

Yes, that's a ball and a half. That means I once used it. My prize was a lovely handmade project bag from Heather:

..complete with Malabrigo. Whee!

I also managed to amass a fiber stash. Guess I'm a spinner now...

I started another little project yesterday...

Those are most of my show ribbons from college. I bought a pattern years ago for instructions on how to make them into wall hangings, quilts, etc. A way to keep them on display in a neat way. I washed up the ribbons and laid them out to dry, under close supervision, as you can see. The problem is that I found the pattern envelope... empty. Can't find the info to save my life. It's in the house somewhere..

Just thought I'd do something with the old ribbons before I start winning new ones...

I hear we might be entering in a show in September...

Let the Games Begin!

Aaaand, we're off! Friday began what the knitterly folks are referring to as the Ravelympics. Here's the scoop - start a kitting project with the start of the Olympics, and have it done by the time the closing ceremonies finish. Preferably a project that will be a challenge to finish in that period of time. So, since I am slowest knitter EVER, I chose the Forest Canopy Shawl. Knitting on #6, in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Tahoe.
And I actually got to watch some equestrian stuff that wasn't broadcast at 2AM!
Here's today's progress:
You know, I might just get this thing done. Then again, I haven't had a workday yet to impede my knitting progress...

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