Why, hello there!

Wow. I'm a slacker. Between serious fatigue and busy work schedules, and the holidays beginning to ramp up, I have neglected this poor, sad blog. I have nothing new on the knitting front to share, as, alas, that has suffered as well. I just cast on a pair of Jaywalkers with my first ever Socks that Rock Med. weight in Jabberwocky (it is some glorious sock yarn, I tell ya), and I half-heartedly started a sweater, but I'm just not feelin it.

It's a cold, rainy day here, and the rumors are that everything will freeze over tonight. Fun times. I'm hanging at home today, waiting for the satellite TV dude to come tweak the dish so I can watch the TV. Maybe I'll go fluff the stash and see if anything calls to me...

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