Hi. :)

I haven't really been knitting, or doing much of anything lately, see extreme fatigue comment a few posts down. Mostly because I'm making a little person, and it has made me tired and incapable of concentrating on anything. I'm beginning to come out of the fog, and have become semi-productive lately, but working a full time job, at this stage, is really all I have energy for.

So there. If you didn't already know, ya do now! And there may be actual content in the near future.

Oh, and thank you, Mr. Varitek, for taking the deal. We all know how miffed I'd be if you hadn't.

Happy New Year!

I must admit, I am very happy to see a new month, and a new year, on the calendar. December was a rough month! We had some terrible ice storms that knocked our power out for several days *twice*, a satellite TV installation that took three weeks and hours on the phone with customer service, leaky window jambs in our old house, and another repair bill for the truck. But we have much to be thankful for as well! This year brought me a bunch of new friends, new career opportunities, and many other happy blessings...

Looking forward to 2009! Hope you all are well and have many blessings to count!

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