All by myself... sing it with me...

Yup. Got the house all to myself. All day. Most days. While TC is at work, anyway. A few things have happened since I was last able to write. The big one: my company is shutting down my location - where I've worked for over 10 years. I'm now entering my second week of unemployment. It's really quite nice to not have to go to a job I've been less than happy with for a while. It was odd - when they had the big meeting to tell everyone that we were shutting down, most people were visibly upset, and rightfully so. Me, I had to hide my smiles. Yes, we're all losing our jobs, and yes, the job market sucks right now, but this is the opportunity to go do what you love. This is the time to do what makes you happy. So, yay to that. I do have some temporary work coming up, helping to get a startup company off and rolling, which should be exciting. They're certainly excited about their new business, which is a nice change from where I was previously.

The best part of not working is that I have plenty of time to spend with the horse now. She's almost 3 now, and hopefully will be rideable by this summer. Sunday, I put a bit and bridle on her for the first time, and she did great. I'm hopeful that in a month or so, I'll have her saddled and working calmly enough that we might try to sit on her back!

There has also been knitting. And crocheting. I was successful in completing a pair of unlined Fiddlehead Mittens for the Ravelympics. Knit on #2 needles, with single-ply Icelandic wool sportweight yarn bought at Rhinebeck from Frelsi Farms. I still have quite a bit left over, so I'm hoping to do a hat as well. They came out a little snug with the yarn being finer than what was called for, so I may not line them, still deciding on that. I'm really pleased with the natural colors and how they all worked well together.

I've also *just* finished a set of 5 crocheted potholders for the Great Potholder Swap of 2010. Here's the scoop - you make 5 potholders, crochet, double-sided, same pattern, different colors. Mail them in by the deadline. The potholder elves have a grand old time oohing and aahing over everyone's handiwork, and mix em up, and you get 5 different ones back from 5 different people. Not done in time? No worries. There's no pre-obligation. Mail em in if you get em done.

Pattern: Stir Me Up Potholders
Yarn: Takhi Cotton Classic
Hook: 4.0 mm

I'm so happy with the way these came out, I don't want to give them away.  But I've seen the pictures of other swap participants, and I'm anxious to see what comes back to me! Now I'm off to the post office to mail these off - I'm getting them sent just in the nick of time!

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