You Spin Me Right Round...

I had a spinning batt that I purchased a long long time ago,  from Loop (on Etsy). The photograph of it alone gave me goose bumps. 100% bamboo. Colorway Mint Chocolate Chip. I mean, come on. Just look at it.

I bought it shortly after I acquired my spinning wheel and promptly put it in the fiber stash, taking it out every so often to drool over it, and then return it to the stash. Frankly, it scared me a little. Wool kind of sticks to itself when you spin it. Bamboo, well, there's not much to hold those fibers together before putting any sort of twist into it. I decided it was time to try it. And I'm quite happy with the results.

It's so shiny and soft. 3 oz turned out a little over 90 yards of worsted weight yarn. I love this color combination something fierce. Now to find a little cowl pattern so I can snuzzle this stuff some more.

With that finished, onto the super sekrit spinning project!
That would be some Spunky Eclectic Corriedale in Rosebud. 4 oz. spun up, 4 to go...


Yesterday, I got my potholder swap package in the mail. After looking at lots of pictures on Ravelry and on Flickr, I was really looking forward to getting my stack. The quality of work my fellow hookers put forth was amazing! And my haul didn't disappoint!


It's nice to have a little ray of sunshine show up in the mail like this - between the torrential rains we've had here lately and my own lot of drama with family and friends alike, it's nice to have a wee bit of happy.

Speaking of happy, the little filly is growing up and turning into quite the horse. Siouxsie will be turning three at the end of this month. My, does time fly! Of course, I have no recent pictures of her, but that's mainly because we've been doing a lot of work lately. No time for pictures! She's accepting a bit regularly, and we will be working up to other pieces of tack over the next few months. My goal is to have her rideable this fall. Hopefully before the end of the year, I'll post a picture of us riding around in the ring! We've had a few rough workouts, mainly because I wasn't in the right frame of mind, and she can really yank my chain when she wants to, but she's been consistently good for the past couple of weeks, and I'm really starting to see a lot of improvement in her attitude. She's still a punk teenager, attitude-wise.

There's been some knitting and some spinning activity, quite increased since I became unemployed. I've got a bunch of almost FOs and new projects cruising along. (And no, Maplewing isn't done yet. Check back in a year. Or two.)

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