Slow and Steady.

Time seems to have slowed to a crawl around here. When you're waiting around for things, it's amazing how the days stretch out...

The super sekrit project is almost done, Just need to find the right buttons. They can make such a big impact! And, in making sure I had enough yarn, I have been making additional odds and ends with the crapton of leftover I have. Again, finishing touches need to happen, and I'll post some glamour shots once I take them. I also may or may not have a few fleeces coming my way. That should help pass the time, right?

This month was tough. TC and I found ourselves withdrawing from things and keeping close to each other. The bean's birthday was last week, and we were just bracing for that day coming and going without her here to celebrate. The double whammy was Fathers Day hitting too. It's a feeling I hope nobody I know will ever have to experience. I've learned a lot in this past year. It has held the happiest and the most devastating moments of my life. To have such an emotional roller coaster in such a short period of time is absolutely overwhelming. It's with us every day, and will be until we're no longer walking the earth. TC and I are lucky to have some wonderful family and friends who have helped us through all of this. For that, we are so very thankful.

Outside of the knitting and spinning, Siouxsie (the pony) maintains her role as my therapist. I finally was able to put a saddle on her last week, and she was a model student. At this rate, I'm thinking she could take a rider in a month or so, especially once I fix my sad, old western saddle. I need a new cinch and off billet, since it's been sitting in the tack room unused since it was last worn by my beloved Chevy, in 2005. Rusty and crusty. Better (and safer) to get new.

Hopefully some nice findings will make their way to me, and I'll have some photos up next time!


Heather said...
June 28, 2010 at 3:47 PM

You & your family are loved - but you know that!

Jennifer said...
June 29, 2010 at 9:40 AM

We all love you so much... and are waiting with you.

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