October's pictures were threatened by a catastrophic failure of my beloved iPhone. I had to perform a system restore and lost anything I had done since my last backup, which luckily had only been a few days. It was a tough month, a lot going on. We moved into the new house, TC and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, and the first anniversary of Bean's passing came and went. Lots of ups and downs. But having Miss V here to keep us busy has certainly helped get us through some of the tough days.

Part of the reason I'm doing an entire project 365 of nothing but Miss V is that I look back at pictures of Bean and hate the fact that they're a finite amount. That's all there is, and all there will ever be. There were days that I didn't take any pictures of her, and I feel like those days are lost forever now. I found a great app for the iPhone, and have been taking a picture of V every day. It's nice looking back and seeing where she's been and what we've been doing every day of her life so far.

Knitting progress has been slow, for obvious reasons. I am about halfway through a pair of mittens that I can't tell you about, a hat that requires 9" of stockinette in the round on #3 needles, and other languishing projects that are begging for my attention. Not to mention the pounds of alpaca fiber that still sit in my fiber basket next to my wheel. Once the house is unpacked and settled, and V becomes a little more independent (she's a snuggler, and I love it), hopefully I'll be ready to rock. :)

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